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11 And maybe try to be apolite, since they could always shop somewhere else,
12 bAnd maybe stop talking with each other when a customer comes along because he wants to satisfy his desires too,
13 And other things along the same lines,
14 cAgain, this is a completely wrong idea.
15 All the other kids in all the other shops in the mall don't have ideas like this.
16 dDo what they do.
17 If you start trying to do a good job,
18 All kinds of bad things can happen:
19 You might start coming down with a case of manners,
20 eWhich makes people think you can see things from their point of view.
21 fYou might get curious about how things work and how you could do an even better job,
22 Which would make everyone else mad,
23 Because why should you care?
24 gYou might get ambitious and want to run the shop, or start a shop of your own,
25 hAnd that can lead to responsibility and all kinds of other terrible things.
26 So don't try to do a better job at the mall.

1 There are other ways of getting into trouble with the seventh early warning sign too.
2 For example, it might be that you sort of get the idea that you're supposed to learn something in school,
3 Or why would they have all those teachers there,
4 And all those subjects,
5 And all those books?
6 iOf course, this is still another completely wrong idea.
7 If there were something you were supposed to learn in school,
8 Don't you think your jteachers would try to teach it to you?
9 And don't you think your kparents would check with you every once in a while to see if you were learning it?
10 School is there to keep you out of the mall long enough for older people to get all their shopping done before you show up,
11 And do all the lcharming things you do to make the mall such a delight for other shoppers.
12 That's what school is for,
13 And don't you forget it.

1 And what if you sort of get the idea that maybe you shouldn't do so many drugs because it's bad for you?
2 This kind of idea can be a real problem,
3 Because lots of mpeople will talk to you along these lines.
4 They'll tell you drugs are awful,
5 And don't do them,
6 And be happy and productive and drug-free instead,
7 Just like them.
8 nRight.
9 Well, if you still have doubts about this,
10 Just ask yourself what it is that drugs might do to you,
11 And whether it's a big deal or not.