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7 aAnd it leads directly to thinking.
8 Therefore, remember that you are not responsible,
9 No matter what,
10 Because whatever it is, it's not your fault,
11 bAnd let somebody else take care of it.
12 If you ever have a feeling that seems like it might be something like responsibility, cget drunk instead,
13 And do all the silliest, stupidest things you can,
14 Like throw up on the carpet,
15 dAnd smash up the car,
16 And do something in public with no clothes on.
17 If you show everyone that you are completely not responsible,
18 They will eventually stop expecting you to be responsible,
19 And they will stop talking about it,
20 And get used to you the way you are.

1 The sixth early warning sign of thinking is the desire to believe in something,
2 Something bigger than yourself,
3 Something important,
4 And worthwhile.
5 In general, all desires are good,
6 Because you have them,
7 Except for this desire,
8 Which is not good,
9 eBecause it can't be satisfied,
10 And because it also leads to thinking,
11 And other things.
12 fFor example, believing in something bigger than yourself can get you killed,
13 Which just isn't necessary,
14 For any reason.
15 If you feel like you want to believe in something,
16 gBelieve in something trivial and stupid that nobody would ever die for,
17 Like sports,
18 Or clothes,
19 hOr a rock and roll band,
20 Or just being popular with the right people.
21 iIf the feeling persists, do as many drugs as you can until the feeling goes away.
22 It's that important.

1 The seventh early warning sign of thinking is a sense that somehow something isn't right with your life.
2 jThis is an incredibly dangerous sign,
3 And should be ignored completely.
4 For example, it's possible you could sort of get the idea that whatever you should be doing, maybe hanging around at the kmall all the time isn't it.
5 This is a wrong idea.
6 If there were something else to do, you would do it,
7 But there isn't,
8 So stop thinking about it.
9 Or, it might be that you have a part-time job at the mall and you sort of get the idea that maybe you should try to do the job better than you do,
10 And like try to lremember people's orders without having to have everything repeated to you six times,