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12 For example, they say that too many drugs can reduce your ability to learn.
13 Is this a realistic concern in your case?
14 Can your ability to learn really be reduced at this point?
15 Obviously, this particular part of the drug issue is not your problem.
16 They also say that too many drugs can take away your ambition and your sense of responsibility and your self-respect.
17 aNow, really. Isn't that the whole point?
18 You can see why you have to be careful about what people say.
19 They don't really believe it any more than you do,
20 But they are older,
21 And they still like to bpretend that they care about certain things that don't really have anything to do with you,
22 At all.
23 Don't be misled,
24 Even when they drag out the one about drugs maybe killing you,
25 Which means you wouldn't get to be old and miserable and screwed up like them,
26 And would be a terrible ctragedy.
27 dRight.
28 eBesides, the only time is now,
29 And whatever happens in the future isn't real till it gets here,
30 Which means it isn't real at all as long as you don't think about it at all,
31 fAnd what better way to not think about it at all is there than to do a lot of drugs?
1 Go ahead.
2 gDo drugs.
3 Drugs are great.
4 The people who tell you that they're bad for you don't understand that not thinking about anything at all is your natural state,
5 Which means that drugs are one of the very few things you are well equipped to do,
6 And so it's only hnatural that you should do them as much as you want to.
7 iListen to the message of your rock and roll bands.
8 They know how important drugs are,
9 And even if they say don't do them,
10 jYou know they're only kidding,
11 Because klook at them.
12 How could they possibly have gotten to be so cool without doing lots of drugs?
13 Who in the world gets that many tattoos if their heads aren't loaded to the gills with lchemicals?
14 mAnd who else do you have in your life to use as an example of the way to be?
15 nThere they are: they're rich and famous and they don't have to dress up, or know anything, or be anything except on stage,
16 oAnd they do drugs all the time.
17 Does this mean what you sort of think it means?
18 Yes.

1 There's also psex.