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4 Because as many of you already know,
5 aA woman with a cause can be the most ruthless, inflexible, unthinking juggernaut to be found on the face of the planet,
6 Which is what the Way of Harry is all about,
7 Because when you have identified the opposition,
8 And the orthodoxy,
9 There is nothing left to think about,
10 As long as the orthodoxy would fit comfortably on a bbumper sticker.
11 Indeed, having the right sort of cause is a kind of cparadise on earth.
12 And it can compensate you for almost everything,
13 Including an unfaithful husband,
14 And bitter, sullen children,
15 And aborted career plans,
16 And even a severe shortage of dthings,
17 Although ethings are always nice to have. of course.
18 And if you have a cause,
19 fIt doesn't matter at all that it won't really help save the planet,
20 And it doesn't even matter if you identify the wrong targets for blame,
21 gEven if they're other women.
22 hAll that matters is that you can enjoy the transcendent pleasure of hatred,
23 And don't have to think about all the other things that are wrong with your life,
24 Whatever they are,
25 And no matter whose fault they might seem to be,
26 If one of them were being "objective" about it.

1 And if you want, you can even join the Pontifical Harrier Parish,
2 iWhich is a club they can't keep us out of,
3 Anymore,
4 No matter how it started,
5 jOr who started it,
6 Because I, Vicki, am the Vice President of kOrthodoxy for the entire Parish in the United States of America,
7 And I welcome you all,
8 Without exception,
9 Because if women refuse to become Harriers,
10 And lChosen Ones,
11 And mArch-Harriers,
12 And even nUltra-Harriers someday,
13 Then they will eventually succeed in blaming us for everything,
14 Which most certainly cannot be permitted,
15 Even if the only way we can stop them is to be better Harriers than they are,
16 Which will take some doing,
17 For once.

1 Come, my sisters.
2 Come to the Way of Harry.
3 It is the only way,
4 The only way left,
5 In the time that is left,
6 oTill the Big One buries us all.