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11 No matter who gets hurt.

1 If you want, you can go to law school,
2 aAnd be as ruthless and grasping and unprincipled as they are,
3 Because there's no such thing as evil,
4 And you should follow your desires,
5 With the certainty that comes with not thinking about anything at all,
6 And the knowledge that no matter what happens,
7 You can always blame someone else,
8 Or something else,
9 Because that is the Way of Harry,
10 For you as well as for them,
11 Because that's what equality is all about.

1 If you want, you can go to medical school,
2 bAnd be as corrupt and grasping and unprincipled as they are,
3 Because if it is your desire,
4 It is your right,
5 And that's all there is to it.

1 cIf you want, you can go to business school,
2 And be as greedy and grasping and unprincipled as they are,
3 Because they're not the only ones who want titles,
4 And power,
5 And dthings,
6 And especially ethings,
7 Which the Mawrites have always always wanted,
8 Even if they weren't allowed to have them before.
1 But don't forget that you don't absolutely have to go to law school or medical school or business school,
2 Because if what you really want is things,
3 fIt's still perfectly okay to find one of them who has the wherewithal to buy a twenty-carat ring,
4 gAnd a twenty-million-dollar estate on the Main Line,
5 And you don't have to feel guilty for even a second if you decide to get married,
6 Because let's face it,
7 hMarriage is a kind of temporary insanity that sneaks up on almost everyone, sooner or later,
8 And there's nothing all that wrong with it,
9 Especially if all you desire is to order the help around,
10 And go shopping,
11 And to lunch with other Mawrites just like yourself,
12 iEven if they're a lot more petty and backbiting and shallow and materialistic than you are,
13 Because you're all in this together,
14 jAs the oppressed Others in this world always are,
15 And if you should become trivial and avaricious and frigid and mean,
16 It is absolutely not your fault,
17 Any of it,
18 kBecause they are to blame,
19 And you are not responsible,
20 No matter who gets hurt.

1 lAnd don't forget that if you want, you can find a cause,
2 And become obsessed by it,
3 And use it to keep from thinking about anything at all in your private life,