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13 Including a Brit named aMarlowe,
14 And a bunch of others too.
15 But Goethe was the only one who got it right,
16 Because only a Kraut could really understand what it was like to want power so much that you kind of forgot about what it would cost,
17 Namely everything,
18 bWhich is called being an overreacher,
19 And proves just how great Goethe must have been to think up such an insane type of character,
20 With nothing to go on but his imagination.

1 But fiction wasn't the only thing Goethe thought up.
2 He also wrote a lot of great poetry,
3 cWhich sounds beautiful when you read it out loud,
4 If you're a Kraut,
5 dAnd he made up a lot of science and philosophy too,
6 Which is all brilliant,
7 And helps explain why the Krauts eventually got the idea that they were a eChosen Nation.

1 It was Goethe's brilliance that convinced the Krauts they were pretty great at fphilosophy,
2 Which started a Kraut intellectual tradition that would produce scores of geniuses in just a few hundred years,
3 gIncluding HegelundKant,
4 Who was incredibly important,
5 For some reason,
6 And hNietzsche,
7 iWho wrote a lot of great philosophy about how if you were really superior, you could do whatever you wanted,
8 Which is called being a jsuperman,
9 But didn't have anything to do with all the unpleasantness the Krauts got mixed up in later,
10 For some reason,
11 Which any Kraut could explain to you,
12 Somehow.
13 Anyway,
14 After he had written all this great stuff, Nietzsche went completely insane,
15 Unless it was the other way around,
16 Which it wasn't,
17 Or why would anyone ever have taken him seriously?

1 Later on, there was even a Kraut philosopher who was a Jew,
2 kWhich probably explains why some of his ideas were a little strange,
3 Because he thought that Mankind was dominated by a bunch of dark, dangerous drives,
4 Which were all so deeply buried that it would be almost a lmiracle to even see them,
5 Let alone control them,
6 mWhich explains why Mankind acts like such a pig about sex,
7 And power,
8 And territory,
9 nAnd a bunch of other stuff too,
10 Which is all so unflattering to Mankind that it's hard to think where he could get such ideas,
11 Except maybe a synagogue or some oheathen pit like that,