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12 Which is why they don't really deserve to be called philosophy,
13 But should maybe get some other name,
14 And leave philosophy to people who are equipped for it,
15 Like Aryans maybe.

1 There is another Kraut philosopher the Krauts don't like to talk about,
2 Who came along pretty late in the day,
3 aAnd somehow got the idea that the masses would rise up against the bruling classes someday,
4 Because the ruling classes don't care about anyone but themselves,
5 And want to own everything,
6 All by themselves,
7 Just like they were pigs or something,
8 Which explains why the masses will get sick of it,
9 And take over,
10 Someday,
11 Which just goes to show you,
12 cIt isn't just Jews who get funny ideas about things,
13 As any Kraut would admit,
14 In spite of all the propaganda about how the Krauts are prejudiced or something,
15 dWhich they really aren't,
16 Even if it might be surprising what you'd find if you checked the family tree of certain kinds of philosophers,
17 Like the eones who wear long, orthodox-looking beards and think everything's some kind of conspiracy to keep rich Aryans in charge.
18 Besides, he wrote most of his stuff in England anyway,
19 And fthey didn't like him either,
20 So now who's prejudiced?

1 In addition to philosophy, the Krauts were also exceptionally talented at music,
2 And produced thousands of masterpieces over hundreds of years.
3 For example, there was a Kraut composer named gBach,
4 Who was so great that nobody has ever blamed him for being a Kraut,
5 Which is extremely great,
6 And proves that the Krauts aren't as bad as everybody makes them out to be,
7 Unless it doesn't.

1 There was another great Kraut composer named hMozart,
2 Who was so great that even the Krauts never felt they had to prove it,
3 Even though none of them really noticed it at the time,
4 Since Mozart died penniless,
5 And was buried in a pauper's grave,
6 Probably because he never once wrote a symphony about pigs.

1 There was also a Kraut composer named iHaydn,
2 Who was good enough to hold Mozart's coat,
3 Which is pretty darn good,