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1 In the light of the first fire, the punks thought about everything they had seen,
2 Which was not easy,
3 Because they had never thought about anything before,
4 Which is to say that they had never asked any real questions about anything,
5 Real aquestions being the kind where you have to listen to the answers,
6 Which results in more questions,
7 And so forth,
8 And so on.

1 So they thought up some questions to ask themselves,
2 Namely, Why is it that we don't know anything,
3 And don't have a future,
4 And don't have a clue?

1 And when they found they couldn't answer even these simple questions,
2 The punks became angry,
3 And their anger grew,
4 And grew,
5 Until it was a rage.
6 The fire of their rage burned brightly,
7 Filling South Street with something like light,
8 But redder than the moon,
9 And hotter than the sun.

1 In the light of their rage, the punks decided to find answers to their questions,
2 bNo matter what it cost.
3 They decided that it would not help to ask someone else for answers,
4 At least not right away,
5 Because they wouldn't be able to recognize a wrong answer,
6 And they suspected that there were a lot of wrong answers,
7 So instead, they decided to settle the important questions among themselves,
8 By combat,
9 Because they suspected that it is easier to recognize the truth when your life is on the line.
10 And so the punk bands put their lives on the line,
11 On South Street,
12 And tried to find some answers.