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1 At the beginning, there was the aShuteye Train.
2 The Shuteye Train begat Stinking Garbage,
3 And Hate Mail,
4 And the Hypo's,
5 And the 440s,
6 And the Scream Kings,
7 And the Porn Queens,
8 And the Fuzzy Tongues,
9 And Braindead,
10 And the Fetal Circus,
11 And the Spraycans,
12 And the Snakes,
13 And the Doomslayers,
14 And the Epissiles,
15 And many more besides,
16 Until there was Punk City,
17 And all bets were off.b

1 Punk City was the end of the world.
2 Children lived there, but there was no one home.
3 The children who lived there would not inherit the earth,
4 Or anything else.
5 They lived in darkness, and saw that the darkness was dark,
6 But light had been kept from them,
7 And so they did not know that the darkness was dark because it was the opposite of light.
8 They did not know that for them the world had already come to an end, because when there is no future the world is at an end.
9 They did not know much,
10 At all.

1 Some of them knew three chords, but that was about it,
2 Until the Shuteye Train started a cfire,
3 dOn South Street,
4 And the punk bands saw themselves in the light of the fire.
5 What they saw was not pretty,
6 At all.

1 In the light of the fire that had been started by the Shuteye Train,
2 The punks saw musicians who knew nothing about music,
3 Lyricists who knew nothing about words,
4 Revolutionaries who knew nothing about ideas,
5 And not much else.
6 In the glow of the first light they had ever seen,
7 They wondered why they didn't know anything,
8 And why it had never seemed important before,
9 Although they could see that it was important,
10 eBecause it is obviously an important discovery when you discover you are a nobody,
11 Who knows nothing,
12 And don't even know why.