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4 aThe skilled ones were unsatisfied for the same reason.
5 bThe imaginative ones were unsatisfied because they saw that all the apes in the tribe had enough things to live quite comfortably,
6 cWhich meant that there was no reason to attack other tribes with sharp sticks or other weapons,
7 dUnless reasons could be invented with words and ideas.

1 And so it happened that the eimaginative ones began to ask many questions at the top of their lungs, saying,
2 "Why does the rain not come just when we need it?
3 "And why is the hunting not always as good as it could be?
4 f"And why does it seem that the grass grows greener on the other side of the valley, where the next tribe lives?"
5 And hearing these questions, the others became quite upset, saying,
6 g"We don't know, what's the answer, we're terribly confused."
7 hWhereupon the imaginative ones smiled at one another and said,
8 i"All is not as it should be because you have not made offerings to the Gods,
9 "Who give us rain, and game, and grass, and other things too."
10 And the others became very afraid, saying,
11 j"What are Gods?
12 k"Do they live around here?
13 l"Do they have weapons?"
14 And the imaginative ones nodded knowingly, because they had discovered a wonderful discovery,
15 Which brought smiles to their faces, and joy to their hearts.

1 mAnd so the ape called Man came to believe in the Gods,
2 Who had given Man everything he had,
3 And who could take it all away again in an instant, if they weren't kept happy,
4 Which is why the nimaginative ones had to become priests and seers,
5 In order to explain the will of the Gods to the less imaginative ones,
6 Who were unable to make it up for themselves.
7 oAnd the gods made many demands, asking for the best portions of the food, the best clothes, the best weapons,
8 And other things besides, including a virgin every so often,
9 And especially including things taken from other tribes,
10 pSuch as their heads and other parts of their bodies.
11 And the priests rejoiced at the bounties offered by the people, and cried out in joy, saying,
12 "Aren't the Gods great and generous? Look at what they have given us! Never have we seen so much food and clothing and qweaponry and body parts all in one place!
13 "Truly this is a good thing, and we are well pleased."

1 And so the Gods smiled upon the tribe for a time, and gave out plenty of rain,