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2 And plenty of good crops, and a lot of bountiful things from the good earth,
3 And plenty of things taken from other tribes, including heads and other body parts,
4 aAnd the apes were happy to know that the Gods were on their side, and they worshiped them often, saying,
5 "Thank you, great Gods, for all you have given us,
6 b"Hosanna, hallelujah, hooray."
7 And the priests csmiled a great deal all the time.

1 But then it happened, after seven years of plenty of everything, that things went wrong,
2 dAs they often do,
3 And there wasn't any rain, and the crops were pitiful,
4 And the game got scarce,
5 eAnd one of the neighboring tribes invaded the valley and took away most of the virgins, as well as plenty of heads and other body parts.
6 Whereupon the apes cried out angrily to the priests, saying,
7 "Hey, we don't understand this at all.
8 f"What about all the food and weapons and body parts we've given to the Gods?
9 "Have they forgotten about us already?
10 "Honestly, we're very discouraged with the whole thing."
11 gThe priests considered the words of the tribe very carefully,
12 hFor about six weeks,
13 Which was way too long,
14 But at last the priests triumphantly announced that they had the answer,
15 And the people crowded around to listen, saying,
16 "This had better be good."
17 So the priests cried aloud, in a high, shaky voice, saying,
18 i"The Gods have become bored with your offerings,
19 j"Which are puny and insignificant, consisting of little more than food and weapons and body parts, and every once in a while, a virgin.
20 k"The Gods need more than small change if they are to go on giving you rain and crops and so forth."
21 "Well, then, what do they want?" asked the ltribe, and beads of sweat stood out on their forehead.
22 m"They want monuments and temples, made of stone, with plenty of writing on them, singing the praises of the Gods, as well as prayers and idols and that sort of thing."
23 "What is writing?" asked the tribe. "We have not heard of this before. Is it hard to get? Does it involve killing?"
24 But the priests smiled broadly, and replied, "Writing is not hard at all. It does not involve killing, but you'll like it anyway."
25 And then the tribe was well content, saying,
26 "We'll get right to it, then. But what is a temple?"
27 nAnd the opriests smiled, saying, "Don't worry. We'll explain everything as we go."

1 And it so happened that the apes called men went to work for their Gods, building many great monuments and temples,