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8 Or object when you're rude and slow,
9 Or ridicule you for being stupid and lazy and uncaring,
10 Or criticize you in any way at all,
11 aBecause you work for the government,
12 Which means you're exempt from criticism by private citizens,
13 Because if that's not so,
14 Then what about the Post Office?

1 So actually, that's about all you have to remember about the Way of Harry,
2 If you work for the government,
3 Because most of it comes pretty naturally to you anyway.
4 Of course, there are a couple of additional points that are important if you're an elected official,
5 Because people see more of you when you're elected,
6 bAnd you have more chances of getting caught.
7 For this reason, it's wise to remember that you can get away with everything,
8 cAs long as you always say what people desire you to say,
9 dAnd always yield to the ones who are the most certain about whatever it is they're certain about,
10 eAnd always be ready to join them in blaming whoever it is they desire to blame,
11 Without thinking about it at all,
12 Because isn't that what fdemocracy is all about?
13 You bet it is.
14 And besides, if you obstruct the path of "the people's" blame in any way,
15 They will most certainly desire to blame you as well,
16 Which can get you voted out of office,
17 Or failing that,
18 Sentenced to prison,
19 gWhich is a setback you can overcome to be sure,
20 hBut why take the risk if you can get rich with the kind of graft and ipork barrels that nobody cares about,
21 Which actually includes virtually every kind of graft and pork barrel that couldn't possibly subject you to charges of jracism, sexism, or elitism.
22 Because if you're not a racist or a sexist or an elitist,
23 kThere will always be plenty of people willing to believe that you were actually an idealistic lreformer who was making things mdifficult for the dirty racist sexist nelitists who really call the shots,
24 Which is the American Way,
25 As everybody knows by now.

1 Yes, you work for the government.
2 So do what you want,
3 When you want to do it,
4 No matter who gets hurt.
5 How can it be your fault?
6 Because you didn't make the world,
7 Or even Harry.
8 You're just an average ojoe,
9 pWho works for the government,
10 And so what are you supposed to do about it?