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4 Didn't you?
5 And when the aprofessional blamers start coming around talking about how taxes are too high already,
6 bAnd how the people who can pay taxes are all moving away,
7 And what do you think about that?...
8 You must remember not to fall into this trap,
9 cBecause if you acknowledge that they have any kind of point at all,
10 dThey will demand that you think about it,
11 Which is just not necessary,
12 eBecause you work for the government,
13 And if you had wanted to think about anything you would have done something else with your life,
14 Which is why you need more taxes,
15 Period,
16 And if you don't get them,
17 fYou'll know exactly what to do with the policemen and firemen and garbage collectors,
18 Without thinking about it at all.

1 The third guideline concerns the gOthers,
2 In other words, all the people the government has to take care of because nobody else wants to do it.
3 Remember that you need the Others as much as they need you,
4 Because if they weren't there,
5 It would be even harder to pretend that you were actually doing something,
6 With all the time you spend working for the government.
7 hAnd so you must remember not to go looking for any real or permanent solutions to the plight of the Others,
8 iSince there aren't any solutions anyway,
9 Which means that it's much much better to help them by creating lots and lots and lots of new paperwork for yourself,
10 And then doing the paperwork,
11 As slowly and ineffectually as you can without actually thinking about it,
12 So that the plight of the Others will remain highly visible to all,
13 jWhich will help ensure that taxes can keep getting higher,
14 No matter what,
15 Which is your only guarantee that you won't wind up as kOthers yourselves someday,
16 Because,
17 Well,
18 lRemember the first guideline?
19 We thought so.

1 Are there any other guidelines the Hallites need to remember?
2 mNot really.
3 nYou already know the part about how you didn't make the world and its problems,
4 oAnd how it's not your fault,
5 And so what are you supposed to do about it,
6 pBecause you just work for the government.
7 And you also know the part about how nobody has the right to blame you personally for anything,