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6 And when they ablame somebody for something, they want the government to punish the targets of their blame,
7 Unless it's the government they're blaming,
8 bIn which case they want to see some heads roll.
9 Does any of this sound familiar?
11 Well, we'll assume that it does.

1 It may sound a lot as if Harry's Way could make your life a lot harder,
2 Instead of easier,
3 But that's the case only if you elect not to use Harry's Way yourself,
4 And try to do your job instead.
5 Which is where we come in,
6 cBecause there's absolutely no reason why you should ever try to do your job,
7 When it's so easy to follow the Way of Harry.

1 For example, the whole constitution of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth is based on one overridingly important principle,
2 dNamely, the principle that nobody can be trusted,
3 Which used to make people take a pretty active interest in politics;
4 Because of all the things they didn't trust,
5 eGovernment was the thing they didn't trust the most.
6 fBut then things changed,
7 gBecause they finally figured out that the thing they didn't trust the most was each other,
8 Which is when they decided that it was the government's job to watch over everyone,
9 And especially the ones they didn't trust the most,
10 hLike the rich capitalists who might steal everybody else's money if they weren't held in check,
11 iAnd the poor losers who might get violent and destroy everything if their basic needs weren't taken care of.
12 And that's when the government hired a whole bunch of people like you to do the watching,
13 Which has worked out great,
14 Because now that they don't want to think about anything at all,
15 jThey kind of have to trust you,
16 Unless they're willing to get involved themselves,
17 Which isn't likely to happen,
18 Anytime soon.

1 In short, you couldn't be in a better position,
2 Whether you do your job or not,
3 kWhich means that they'll ultimately accept whatever you do,
4 Even if they complain a lot,
5 Because you work for the government,
6 And who else can you trust in this Most Chosen Nation on Earth?
7 That's why there's nothing you can't get away with,