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8 Because thinking of any kind is dangerous,
9 Especially when it leads to weird semi-legal areal estate deals, or complicated btax shelters, or any transaction that involves cbars, restaurants, or retail establishments,
10 Which may not require any thought on the part of the swindlers who do these kinds of deals for a living,
11 But cannot be safely undertaken by an unthinking dincome-oriented physician who has come to regard himself as a efinancial genius.
12 That's why it's so extremely lucky for you that the Way of Harry can assist you in avoiding this disease,
13 Completely,
14 By investing in the fPontifical Harrier Parish,
15 Which is tax-exempt for obvious reasons,
16 And offers outstanding returns for every cash dollar you put upg,
17 Not to mention ready access to as much hConsolation as you may require personally.
18 Here's an iapplication form if you want to drool about it for a while first.

1 jmalpracticus catastrophicus.
2 This is an ailment the income-oriented physician must be particularly careful not to get,
3 kBecause the physician who cares principally about money is usually somewhat more prone to error than other kinds of physicians,
4 Which is understandable when you consider that they tend to deal more in lvolume,
5 And therefore have less time to spend ransacking individual case mhistories for low percentage anomalies.
6 That's why it's a good idea to be alert for certain symptoms,
7 nSuch as a statistically significant increase in the death rate among those of your patients not suffering from a serious disease,
8 oOr a fifty percent or greater decline in your customary income from the families of other physicians,
9 Or a sudden massive malpractice suit filed by a patient whose case you cannot recall,
10 pAt all.
11 Fortunately, this is an ailment that can be controlled in all but the most extreme cases,
12 Which can usually be prevented from becoming extreme in the first place,
13 Through judicious application of the Way of Harry.
14 qFor it is the Way of Harry which tells us to blame others before they can blame us,
15 Which is why it is always an excellent idea to heap lots and lots of blame on the drones who support you,
16 All the time.
17 Blame rhospital personnel for being sloppy about getting patient histories,
18 Whether they are or not.
19 Blame the slab technicians for being careless in their reports,
20 Whether they are or not.