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27 "And here's a bloody spot in Philadelphia where thousands stormed the concert stage in response to a rock 'n' roll performer's joking offer of 'Free Drugs'; several youngsters much like your own were badly trampled in the meleea.
28 "And in a final item of note, indictments were handed down today for seven U.S. senators, eleven U. S. congressmen, and six members of the administration, all of whom are alleged to have played a role in the latest capital scandal, which is so new that it doesn't even have a bnickname yetc.
29 "The latest on the nickname and other stories will be covered tonight,
30 "On the HTN Evening News.
31 "Until then, this is Margo Glamour reporting,
32 "For the HTN News Team,
33 "Your source for certainty,
34 "About who's to blame for everything.
35 d"Keep smiling."

1 "She's beautiful.
2 "She's irresistible.
3 "She's 'In Heat.'
4 "Yes, when you want a fragrance that will make emen howl and bay at the moon,
5 f"A fragrance that will make men forget about your IQ and your diction,
6 "A fragrance that will make men stop thinking and start panting,
7 "Get the fragrance that's distilled from the very essence of animal lust,
8 "Because it's time you knew what every real woman knows,
9 "That only raw, raging passion can cure what's wrong with your life,
10 "And turn all those sad singles scenes into a legendary love.
11 "Be a legend.
12 "Be beautiful.
13 "Be irresistible.
14 "Be 'In Heat,'
15 "For as long as it lasts."

1 "Stay tuned for 'I Love Riddle Roulette,'
2 "The great new game show that's got everybody guessing,
3 "For cash and prizes worth up to a million dollars.
4 "Yes, at last, a game show that's perfect for you and the whole family.
5 "Nothing to know,
6 "Nothing to remember,
7 "Nothing to lose.
8 "Just place a bet on your own special glucky number,
9 h"Watch the big wheel spin round and round,
10 i"And if it's your number that comes up,
11 "All you have to do is guess which of our multiple-choice riddle answers is the right one,
12 "And you could walk away with a million dollars.
13 "It's that easy,
14 "And more fun than you could shake a jstick at,
15 "Because the host of 'I Love Riddle Roulette' is Brad Shoulders,