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18 aAnd then demands accommodation from everyone he encounters in life with the absolute certainty of one who knows his rights?
19 And so I say to you, if it is your aim to reduce the needless suffering that accompanies the bad deal we call life,
20 Then you cannot in good conscience ask your children to seek out the additional hardship and suffering which will befall those who bscorn my way.
21 In what cuniverse would that make any sense?
22 And with the tears running down her cheeks, the woman said, "I cannot best you with words, and so I will not argue with you further, but I do wish to know what manner of man you are,
23 "You who speak so gently of such horrors."
24 And then Harry leaned down and kissed her, so that she was startled by his tenderness,
25 And said to her, Madam, I am no manner of man at all,
26 dBut only an ape in a white suit,
27 eLike all the rest of the apes you choose to call your fellow man,
28 If you would but scratch the fsurface of them,
29 As you have scratched the surface of Harry.
30 "May God grant you peace," said the woman, g"for I believe that you suffer more than any I know."
31 Whereupon Harry smiled a farewell smile to her and turned to the cameraman, asking, Did you get that?
32 And when the cameraman assured him that he had gotten it, Harry laughed and said, Am I slick or what?

1 Another day, Harry was hanging out in Rittenhouse Square,
2 Where all the pseudo-intellectuals used to walk their dogs,
3 And it so happened that a man walking a Great Dane came up to Harry and said,
4 "I would just like to know who appointed you the savior of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth?
5 "For I have heard you speak on more than one occasion,
6 h"And I have never heard you cite the lexicon of knowledge that has so informed you about contemporary values and mores, whether it be rooted in the books you have written or the degrees you have received,
7 "Nor have I heard you explain by whose authority you make such simplistic remarks about the complex issues our society confronts today."
8 Then Harry laughed and replied to the man, saying, In short, if I may summarize your views, your question is, i"Who am I to say?"
9 At this the man nodded, and so Harry continued, saying, jI am no one,
10 kAnd I speak with no authority of any kind,
11 lExcept that of a man who is richer than your wildest dreams at less than half your age,