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40 Have you had enough fun for one night?
41 I'm atired now,
42 And I think I'd like to go back to my room,
43 And try to get some sleep.

1 Most of the Philadelphia footage is much more low-key than the City Hall stuff,
2 Because Harry was really pretty much of an easygoing kind of guy,
3 And he liked to go hang out in some public place,
4 bAnd just talk with whoever came along,
5 Which gave the camera crew lots of great little clips,
6 Because Harry always had a comeback for everything,
7 Even when he was three sheets to the wind,
8 cWhich he frequently was,
9 Although you'd never guess it from the clips,
10 Which must have something to do with him being the One,
11 Or something like that.

1 For example, Harry was hanging out one day in front of a diner in the dNortheast,
2 Just north of the Roosevelt Boulevard,
3 Right next to someone who was collecting money to fight some eawful childhood disease,
4 And the fcharity worker turned to Harry and said, "From what I hear about you, it would be pointless to ask you for a donation,"
5 Whereupon Harry replied to her in a flash, saying, On the contrary, madam,
6 I would be delighted to give you a donation,
7 Because the more of them you save, the more who will grow up to follow my way,
8 Which is why this gAngel at my elbow will now give you one thousand dollars in cash.
9 And then the woman was disconcerted, and in her confusion sought to argue with Harry, saying, "What makes you so sure that the ones we work so hard to save will be lost to your way? hTruly I would give up now if I thought that would be the outcome."
10 At this, Harry smiled and held out his hand to the woman,
11 Who took it reluctantly,
12 And tears formed in her eyes as he answered her question, saying, In these days of my way, the only strength we can give our children is the irights due and payable on account of their weakness, whatever it is,
13 Because strength born of strength is too frightening to others,
14 And raises up jtargets for blame.
15 I ask you, who in this Most Chosen Nation will prosper the more?
16 Will it be the child who fights courageously to overcome hardship and suffering, without asking for special dispensations and endless forgiveness, and without burying others under a great mountain of self-pitying complaints?
17 Or will it be the child who draws up a long list of all his infirmities and failings and disadvantages,