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14 So that you'll be quiet,
15 And stop blaming them,
16 Which is all they'll want by then,
17 aBecause nobody will remember or care about what really happened in the past,
18 For the past is history,
19 And about as important as a snowflake.
20 Besides, if you do a good enough job of bblaming others for your Setback,
21 You may become a kind of martyr,
22 And a celebrity,
23 Which can lead to book contracts and personal appearances,
24 And a whole new career,
25 Because when the whole world is following my Way,
26 cThere won't be any Setback so awful or humiliating or disgraceful that it can't be overcome,
27 And turned into an advantage.

1 Thanks to snappy answers of this sort, Harry's appearances on the radio continued,
2 dAnd his popularity kept growing,
3 eAnd the followers had to keep staying in Philadelphia,
4 Until one day Harry went down to visit the docks at the fPort of Philadelphia,
5 gAnd was gone for about forty days,
6 Which was kind of galling to many of the followers,
7 hBecause here they were in Philadelphia,
8 And where was Harry?
9 Of course, it was fortunate that the hotel bills were still being paid,
10 And the few little scrapes with the law that some of the followers had were still being taken care of,
11 But where was Harry?

1 And so it happened that one night in early spring,
2 All of the followers decided to go to Atlantic City,
3 Which was a ghetto on the iNew Jersey shore,
4 Where there were quite a lot of sleazy nightclubs,
5 On the boardwalk,
6 By the ocean,
7 Which made the followers think it might be an amusing place to visit,
8 For a change.
9 And they borrowed one of Harry's Silver Clouds,
10 And rode through an awful jwasteland all the way to Atlantic City,
11 Where by accident they ran into an uncle of one of the followers,
12 Who was an kItalian,
13 And very hospitable to his nephew's friends,
14 Which maybe explains why all the followers got pretty drunk,
15 And ate and drank lots of great Italian consumables,
16 Until the conversation finally turned to Harry,
17 Who the uncle had heard of,
18 For some reason,
19 And was terribly lsympathetic when he heard how badly the followers were being treated,
20 Especially when he heard about how Harry had disappeared,