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23 aSo that you can blame them, and persecute them, and so forth,
24 Without thinking about it at all.
25 And be certain that if you do all that I have prescribed, you are indeed following my way like nobody's business.

1 There was another caller who said that he liked Harry's Way,
2 bBut how was one follower of the Way supposed to protect himself against the blame of another follower of the Way,
3 cBecause it seemed like things could get complicated if absolutely everybody was using the Trinity of Harry?
4 And then Harry replied to him without pause, saying,
5 There is no point whatever in thinking about such things,
6 At all.
7 For such as you, who profess to like my Way, but insist on thinking about it, I have formulated Two dCommandments,
8 Which go like this:
9 ePursue your own desires, with all the certainty that comes from not thinking about anything at all. This is the first and great Commandment. And the second is almost as important: Blame your neighbor before he can blame you. On these Two Commandments hang all the lessons of human experience.
10 I also have, in addition to these Commandments, a Tip,
11 Which I urge you to accept,
12 The Tip being, fThe one who receives the blame of others is the one who is last to point the finger of blame,
13 And the one who is the last to point the finger of blame is invariably the one who has taken the time to think about it.
14 gHe who points the finger of blame without thinking about it at all will get away with everything,
15 Nine times out of ten,
16 hAnd who can give you better odds than that?

1 But then it happened that the very next caller asked Harry about the itenth time,
2 The time when you didn't get away with everything,
3 And what were you supposed to do then?
4 Whereupon Harry was like lightning in his reply, saying,
5 Then you will perhaps experience a Setback,
6 Which doesn't really matter,
7 At all,
8 Because then you can enjoy the almost unequaled pleasure of blaming your Setback on others,
9 Which you can do repeatedly,
10 And mercilessly,
11 Regardless of what really happened,
12 jUntil everyone is sick of hearing about it,
13 kAnd gives you what you want,