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15 There was a aVIP who figured out that the only thing worth doing in life is satisfying everybody's bmaterial needs, because nobody is any better than anyone else, really, especially if we're just some big accident in a totally random, godless universe.
16 There was a cVIP who figured out that the best way to satisfy your own material needs is dcapitalism, which means finding enough dumb, hapless losers to do all the work for you, no matter who gets hurt, so that the winners can have more ethings, which we all want to have because of our genes, unless it's because of our drives instead.
17 There was a fVIP who figured out that you just can't save the world from itself, no matter how good you are, or how hard you try, so why bother?
18 There was a gVIP who figured out that you can get away with absolutely hanything, as long as you've got the right kind of ipromoter to establish a market.
19 Now all of these VIPs wondered for a long time what all this meant, and what we should do about it,
20 But they couldn't come up with anything,
21 And so they left their unanswered questions as a jhot potato for future generations,
22 kBut there aren't going to be too many future generations,
23 So here I am with the answer,
24 Which is to forget about it all,
25 lExcept the part about getting away with absolutely anything,
26 Which you can do,
27 If you do what I say,
28 Without thinking about it at all.

1 Quite often, Harry did the one about the Trinity,
2 mMeaning Desire, Certainty, and Blame,
3 Which are all anyone needs to get by,
4 nWithout thinking about anything at all.
5 And all of the youngsters seemed to understand this part of Harry's Way,
6 Without needing a lot of additional explanation.

1 Occasionally, Harry did the one about the Twin Pillars of the Way,
2 Which are, in the words of Harry,
3 This is the first and great Pillar of the Way: Thou shalt honor the Golden Rule with all thy heart, and all thy soul, and all thy mind, if you have any of these, which isn't really necessary,