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5 And Harry merely smiled, as if he were possessed of some great knowledge, and his parents treated him with great tenderness and care, certain that his was a will which should be obeyed.

1 And so it happened that awar again descended on the earth, and the bking of the Most Chosen Nation sent out armies to rape a foreign land, and murder their patriots, and cburn their babies, and commit dother acts of a nature that filled the hearts of the righteous with horror.
2 And the children, who were the most righteous of all, rose up against the king, and put on estrange garments, and lived apart from those who did murder and those who did not speak out against murder, and had visions of peace and flove and a world in which the way was simple and clear and gtheirs.
3 And the people who had lost their children were angry and afraid, and they reproached their king, saying,
4 h"Why have you alienated our sons and daughters, whom we love and want to love us, and who no longer love us, but instead revile us and hate us and spit upon us?"
5 And the king hung his head and abdicated his throne, and a new king was crowned who waged war with even greater vengeance, killing great multitudes of foreign patriots and babies.
6 And when the children reproached ihim, he waged war against them also, ordering them to be beaten when they marched for peace, and lamentation filled the land.
7 And the children cried out bitterly, saying to one another, "What has become of our visions? In which direction is the way of peace and justice and happiness, which we have longed for and now despair of?"
8 And their gatherings became grim as their visions faded and their questions received no answers.
9 Thus it was that the world became ready for Harry, who knew the way.

1 jAnd it so happened that kHarry journeyed to a place called lAltarey, which means high mountain, and appeared to the multitudes, to whom he spoke, surrounded by mAngels.
2 nListen to me, he said, I am called Harry, and my way should be your way.
3 And some of them mocked him, saying, "Who are you to speak to us in this way? Your suit is in three pieces, your face is clean shaven, and your words sound to us like the grunting of a pig."
4 When they had said these and other things, the children moved closer to Harry as if they would beat him, but the Angels protected him, knocking many children cold, so that they were amazed at his wisdom and sat down to listen.
5 Then Harry said, I would say this to you, that you have heavy thoughts but see nothing, that you rap much but say little. What profit a man if he gain the earth and not know it?