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6 And one among the multitudes cried out to Harry, asking this question: "Your words are strange to us, and we do not understand what you speak of. Tell us, what is your problem?"
7 Harry answered him, saying, It is not I who have the problem. It is all of you who have the problem, who live in aparadise, if you would but open your eyes, but prefer to walk about seeking paradise with your eyes closed. I ask you, is this the right way to go about it?
8 And bone of the biggest children, who had a beard and a pair of large fists, spoke scornfully to Harry, saying, "You must surely be an anus on fire if you believe that this land of pigs is paradise. Are not our leaders evil warlords, who commit genocide every day of the week?
9 "Have they not arranged to murder the few good men who would rise to replace them, including cBobby and dMartin, and probably others too?
10 e"Have they not beaten us, and imprisoned us, and given us a very hard time for loving goodness, including peace and love and brotherhood, and all of that stuff?
11 "Truly, if your skull were not wedged inside your colon, you would recognize these things. There is no paradise in this land of fcapitalist, gimperialist, hracist pigs. And that is all there is to it.
12 "Now, I warn you to depart from this place, you who ifornicate with your mother, before we grow angry and rearrange your physiognomy."
1 And when the large child with great fists had said these things, Harry laughed out loud, and said in a great voice, Now pay close attention, children, because I shall perform a great wonder for you.
2 Whereupon Harry made a small sign to his Angels, who advanced on the large child with rods,
3 jAnd smote him unto death where he stood, causing the multitudes to quake with awe, and other emotions.
4 Then Harry stood over the remains of the large child and said, Behold. kHow quickly and easily are we deprived of life. I have come to tell you great truths, which will make your life better, but I have it equally in my power to make your life shorter, as you have all witnessed.
5 Now, which do you prefer? The choice is yours, and truly I must tell you that I don't care which you choose.
6 When Harry had said this, there was a great murmuring in the crowd, but at length the children said to Harry, "We are very much interested in hearing how our lives might be made better, so please teach us, O Wise One, and tell your Angels to go easy, because we are listening to you with great attentiveness."
7 And Harry laughed again, saying, That is much better. I congratulate you for listening to me, for lI know everything, and will tell you everything you need to know.