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2 Because in between all these great shows,
3 And in fact, in between each little segment of these shows,
4 There will be commercials,
5 aWhich will tell everyone, young and old alike, how they can buy a piece of the good life,
6 Including bpeace of mind,
7 cWhich comes from having the right clothes,
8 dAnd the right cars,
9 eAnd the right headache tablets,
10 fAnd the right underarm deodorant,
11 gAnd the right insurance company,
12 hAnd even the right brand of cigarettes,
13 Which you know something about already,
14 As we've seen.
15 And what could be more important than being able to grow up near such a source of great advice about how to have the right image with your friends and acquaintances,
16 And how to keep from sticking out like a sore thumb because you never heard how everybody else was doing it this year?
17 i"I think it's time for you to go back in your box," Ed said wearily, and started fiddling with the latches on the lid.

1 Wait! (cried Charlie),
2 There will be one thing that's really and truly extraordinary.
3 "What?" Ed asked skeptically.
4 I'm talking about pure genius here (replied Charlie).
5 There will be a comedy troupe called the Three Stoopids,
6 Consisting of jBowel, kDilly, and lHarley,
7 Who will break new ground in the entire field of comedy,
8 mBecause they will finally succeed in surpassing the vaunted Marx genius,
9 Which they will do by yelling constantly at the top of their lungs,
10 nAnd needling each other to death,
11 And breaking bottles over each other's heads,
12 And screwing up every job they ever tackle,
13 But in as surly a way as possible,
14 So that everyone will just laugh and laugh and laugh…

1 "That's it," Ed said, grabbing hold of Charlie and putting him into his box.
2 And he was so intent on getting the latches closed and locked that he never heard Charlie's last desperate words,
3 oWhich were all about how someone would come,
4 Someday,
5 To explain what it all meant,
6 And what people could do about it,
7 But Ed was in no mood to hear more,
8 From such a complete dummy,
9 Which actually made him kind of afraid of Charlie for a little while,