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5 Which you can't say about 'I Love the Defensers,'
6 Because they're so committed and honest and brilliant and all that,
7 And when they lose a case it isn't because they're not infallible,
8 But because their clients are guilty,
9 Which means that it wouldn't be right for them to win,
10 And so they don't,
11 Which is why you have to admire them so much,
12 aEven if anyone in his right mind would look under "M" in the yellow pages before they settled for these guys.

1 There will also be another great lawyer comedy called 'I Love Judge for the Defense,'
2 Which will be very funny because of all the confusing conversations between the judge on the bench and the Judge on the case,
3 Who will be played by Karl Botch,
4 bWithout a cardigan or a newspaper,
5 Because he will be a manly man,
6 And rich,
7 And infallible,
8 cWhich is why Deana isn't anywhere in sight,
9 dAnd why Judge always always wins.

1 In fact, there will be so many infallible lawyers on television that you might get the idea only lawyers are infallible,
2 Which isn't true,
3 eBecause there will also be infallible doctors,
4 Who will always save their patients,
5 With so much brilliant medical knowledge and so much warm, caring commitment that it's easy to see why their patients will just love them to pieces,
6 Even after they get the bill,
7 Which they will do on shows like 'I Love Dr. Kilmore,'
8 Which will be all about an amazingly good-looking young fintern who saves more patients than the Mayo Clinic,
9 And 'I Love Ben Cranky,'
10 Which will be all about a gbrilliant brain surgeon who glowers all the time because he can't figure out how to button up his operating tunic, although that doesn't make him a bad doctor, because he saves more patients than Dr. Kilmore,
11 And 'I Love Miracle Wilby,'
12 Which will be all about a hbrilliant general practitioner who saves everybody with a warm smile and a pat on the head, not to mention the fact that he has a nice white house in the suburbs, which puts everybody at ease, even if he does have a iyounger associate who rides around on a motorbike, which you have to forgive, because Miracle seems to think it's okay,
13 And it's very very smart to have Miracle as your doctor,
14 Because then it doesn't matter if you're sick or just got framed for murder,
15 jSince you can get help under the same listing in the phone book.