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12 aSaying, "We don't believe it, that can't be right, what are you trying to pull, anyway?"
13 And so Chuck climbed up on the podium,
14 Cleared his throat,
15 And started to talk.

1 According to Chuck, the creation didn't happen all at once, but over a very long period of time,
2 bBy a process called Evolution,
3 Meaning that everything started out pretty much the same,
4 As not much,
5 And then changed into something else,
6 Through a lot of accidents,
7 Which eventually resulted in an accident called Mankind,
8 And explains why everything is so confusing.

1 When the people heard this, they said back to Chuck,
2 "Let's get this straight. You're saying that God didn't specifically set out to create Mankind,
3 "But something else,
4 "And Mankind just sort of happened along the way,
5 "By accident?"
6 Whereupon Chuck smiled and said that was approximately it,
7 More or less,
8 And wasn't that interesting?
9 Whereupon the people started to tap their foot,
10 And put their tongue against the side of their mouth,
11 And wink at each other a lot,
12 Until one of them spoke pretty sharply to Chuck, saying,
13 "Well, if man evolved from something else,
14 "What specifically did he evolve from?
15 "Answer that one for us, Mister Evolution."

1 And then it was that Chuck sprang the biggest news of all,
2 Which was that Mankind had evolved from the apes,
3 cHaving come down out of the trees,
4 A long long time ago,
5 And evolved an opposable thumb,
6 And then a big brain,
7 That got even bigger,
8 dUntil he was no longer an ape,
9 eBut a man,
10 And wasn't it all just fascinating?

1 And then the people crossed their arms,
2 And rolled their eyes, looking at Chuck and tapping their temples from time to time,
3 Saying, "Why don't you lie down for a while?
4 "We'll come back later when you feel better."
5 And then they tiptoed away.
6 Whereupon Chuck felt sad and depressed,
7 Until his fbeagle came up and licked his face,
8 Scratched at a few fleas,
9 And said, "Don't be downhearted, Chuck,
10 "It'll all work out in the end."
11 "Trust me."