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12 And when Chuck remonstrated with his beagle, saying, "You're just a dog, what do you know?"
13 The beagle replied, "As a matter of fact, I know quite a lot. Let me tell you about it."
14 Then the beagle spoke, at considerable length, and described many wonderful things that would happen in the future.

1 Almost everybody will come to believe that you are right (said the beagle),
2 aAnd the ones who don't will eventually make jackasses of themselves,
3 Because everybody knows this is the way science has been going for quite a while now.
4 bAfter all, they started out thinking that the earth was flat,
5 cAnd the stars were permanently fixed in a big invisible bowl over the earth,
6 dCalled the firmament,
7 eAnd they believed the sun and the moon were just big lights,
8 fThat the Gods put there so we could see each other.

1 gAnd then they had to swallow the part about the earth not being flat,
2 hBut round,
3 iLike an orange or a basketball,
4 Which didn't make sense at all,
5 jUnless you believed the part about gravity keeping everybody from falling off the earth,
6 But they bought it eventually anyway.
7 And then they had to give up the part about the earth being the center of the universe,
8 kSo they could believe the part about the planets revolving around the sun,
9 lAnd the moon revolving around the earth,
10 And the sun revolving around the center of the mgalaxy,
11 Which was hard to do,
12 Because when you think about it,
13 That kind of a universe makes Mankind seem pretty insignificant.
14 But they accepted it anyway because it made them feel pretty smart to have figured it all out,
15 And if they got good enough at science, what couldn't they figure out?

1 For example, they thought it would all be okay if they could just figure out God's natural laws,
2 Which they believed were the same throughout the universe,
3 Making it possible to know everything if you just learned what all the laws were,
4 Except that some of the laws are tougher to believe than others.
5 Which brings us to nEvolution,
6 It being a law that's somewhat tougher to take than average,
7 Since it tends to make Mankind look even more insignificant than he did before,
8 In fact, pretty damned insignificant,
9 To the point where maybe they'd have to start looking at God in a slightly different way,