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10 And how many shillings in an ounce,
11 And how many seconds in a minute,
12 aAnd how many leagues in a mile,
13 And all that stuff.

1 N is for the Nations of the world,
2 Which you should be familiar with,
3 And be able to identify on a map,
4 Because you are an American,
5 And America leads the world,
6 Including all the major powers,
7 bLike Britain, and France, and I guess, West Germany and Japan,
8 And America's other allies,
9 cLike Canada, and Australia, and Israel, and Italy, I suppose,
10 And the Iron Curtain countries,
11 dLike Russia, and East Germany, and Poland, and Czechoslovakia, and Hungary, and Albania, and Romania, and Yugoslavia sort of,
12 And all the poorer nations who we give foreign aid to,
13 eLike all the South American countries, including Mexico,
14 fAnd all the African countries that are really countries, and not just jungle tribes,
15 gAnd all the Arab countries that have oil,
16 And a whole bunch of countries in the far east,
17 hLike the Philippines, and Taiwan, and Korea, and I can't remember all their names,
18 iExcept for Red China,
19 Which we don't recognize,
20 At all.

1 O is for the Outdoors,
2 Which you should see more of,
3 Because too much television will rot your brain and your eyes,
4 jAnd turn you into a vegetable with coke bottle eyeglasses.
5 Just think about how ashamed you will be, later in life, when you cannot identify a single tree,
6 kIncluding oak trees,
7 And black walnut trees,
8 And birch trees,
9 And sycamore trees,
10 And chestnut trees,
11 And poplar trees,
12 And maple trees,
13 And willow trees,
14 And cedar trees,
15 And fir trees,
16 And spruce trees,
17 And pine trees,
18 And holly trees,
19 And that's only the barest minimum you should know.
20 And think of all the outdoor activities you'll never get to enjoy, unless you make a special effort,
21 lSuch as swimming in the lake,
22 And hiking in the woods,
23 And canoeing down a stream,
24 And fishing in a millpond,
25 And bird-watching,
26 And all the other things that would be so much better for you than the mThree Stooges.

1 P is for Presidents, which there have been a lot of over the years,