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2 With an ax to grind,
3 We don't care about what they will say,
4 aEven if they still know how to read,
5 And even if they bother to read it,
6 Because somebody somewhere had to write down the Word on the Past,
7 And the Word on the Present,
8 Because it's all around us,
9 Everywhere,
10 Including TV and the schools and the movies and what they call literature and art and philosophy,
11 And nobody has a chance to change a single Word,
12 Unless they know that it's just a bword,
13 A word that can be changed or scratched out and replaced,
14 With one that works a little better.
15 But you can be sure that they won't ever quite get around to putting it down on paper,
16 Because if they did,
17 It would look an awful lot like some punk had done it,
18 Some punk with an ax to grind,
19 Because when you really try to do it,
20 And sum it up in the cmodern way,
21 Without a lot of djingoistic lies and ecomforting delusions and fmisguided optimism,
22 It starts to look like it might be headed nowhere,
23 gWith nothing more than a microscope under its arm,
24 hAnd a cynical gleam in its eye,
25 iAnd a book of quotations in its overalls,
26 jSlouching toward Armageddon,
27 Just waiting to be done in.

1 But we are punks,
2 And we don't care what they say,
3 At all,
4 Because they are disgusting to us,
5 And it doesn't really matter if they still know how to read or not,
6 Or if they can understand writing that doesn't have cute scenes in it, or kcharming losers dancing on the brink of doom,
7 Because we're not interested in being liked,
8 Whether they like it or not.
9 We're interested in leaving a record,
10 For the ones who will come later,
11 The ones who will have to start over,
12 When they have finished rotting everything to pieces.

1 What's more,
2 In case you hadn't guessed,
3 We think lthey is you,
4 And we're grinding a very special ax,
5 Just for you,
6 Which we'll show you now,
7 If you'll kindly turn the page.