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2 And that punk writers should use no obscenities or pornications of any kind,
3 Because that was the easiest way to be different from other writers,
4 And besides, they'd never learn any new words if they could use aobscenities whenever they wanted to.
5 Thereupon the Nasticators and Bloodilators and the Hypo's and the Flies and the Fuzzy Tongues and the Gutter Boys and the Chainsaws and the Hotheads and the Terrorists and the Lit Lickers and the Odors and the Zeezers and the Undead and the Muggers and the Stranglers and Hate Mail all held that punk writing should be absolutely crammed full of obscenities and pornications,
6 And the other Epissiles agreed,
7 Leaving St. Nuke to defend his proposition all alone.
8 Thereupon St. Nuke felled Gruesome Gasher, Max Murder, Johnny Mayhem, and Hitter Hal of the Nasticators,
9 Then Diego Bonaparte, Edsel Christ, Zorro Jones, Kriss Krupp, and Israel Wabib of the Bloodilators,
10 Then Moe Maggot, Larry Bluebottle, Curly Horse, and Shem Hubcap of the Flies,
11 Then Scum Snake, White Furr, and Lipp Loggs of the Fuzzy Tongues, as well as Nancy Mouth's champion, Shark Planet,
12 Then Alan Sewer, Tom Terd, Mick Garbage, and Mr. Cellophane of the Gutter Boys,
13 Then Dr. Tooth, Thomas Thumb, and Tonto Trigger of the Chainsaws, as well as Venus Chainguard's champion, Bazooka Bob,
14 Then Skull Fire, Mad Mike, and Bobby Flame of the Hotheads, as well as Belinda Burning's champion, Redd Stallion,
15 Then Ayatollah Bill, Jack Rat, King Judas, and King Pong of the Terrorists,
16 And then the Shuteye train said they'd been thinking it over and decided they agreed with St. Nuke,
17 If that meant anything to anybody,
18 And everyone stopped denying that punk writing should have no obscenities or pornications.

1 The Shuteye Train held that the punk bands should stop btalking about punk writing,
2 And start doing it,
3 Which everybody agreed to right away.