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7 And so we left our home for the city,
8 And she had our first son all alone in the hospital,
9 While I waited for orders in the South Pacific,
10 While the world itself changed into something else,
11 In the melting of an eye.

1 But I never figured it out,
2 Just like everything else,
3 And I came home to make everything fine again,
4 And I ran in the rat race,
5 And I thought I knew up from down,
6 And back from front,
7 And right from wrong,
8 And I was an idiot,
9 aBecause it doesn't matter if you know up from down and right from wrong if you don't know why.

1 I took out the trash,
2 And I mowed the lawn,
3 And I painted the house,
4 And I paid the bills,
5 And I went to work, sick or well,
6 And I shaved every day, even on weekends,
7 And I taught my boys how to throw a football and a baseball,
8 And that's the only thing they learned from me,
9 Because I had everything wrong,
10 From the very beginning,
11 And somehow they always knew,
12 And never forgave me.

1 But do I deserve this,
2 To be alone,
3 Without my wife,
4 bPilled to the gills in a gray linoleum box?
5 Maybe so.
6 Maybe there is a kind of justice after all,
7 A last chance to reflect,
8 Leading to one final moment of recognition,
9 And if I can earn that moment,
10 Maybe I'll get to see her again before I die,
11 Which would be paradise for all eternity,
12 And the answer to all my prayers,
13 And worth everything I have ever suffered or endured,
14 All of it,
15 Even though I had a son named cHarry.