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5 Then it's time for you to be very very suspicious of that leader.
6 And if he should go on from there,
7 And start talking about self-reliance,
8 And helping each other,
9 aAnd other people too,
10 bBecause the government can't do it all,
11 Then it's time to spit upon him, and revile him, and send him away,
12 Without thinking about it at all,
13 cBecause it isn't time for the hard way,
14 And never will be again:
15 For if you choose the hard way,
16 Harry's Trinity won't help you,
17 At all,
18 dAnd you'd be on your own,
19 In a nation full of white people,
20 Who can't be trusted,
21 At all.

1 Don't ever ever forget how much white people have done to you already,
2 Including even the ones who pretended to be your friend,
3 Like eLincoln,
4 fWho wasn't really trying to give you your rights,
5 gBut only to save the union,
6 Because slavery was a bone in the throat of the union,
7 And had to be cut out,
8 hEven if he had to free you to do it,
9 But that doesn't mean you've ever become part of the union,
10 No matter what anybody says,
11 Even if they've let you die for the union on half a dozen continents,
12 Because they don't like you,
13 No matter what you do,
14 And if they ever gave you a uniform, it was because they hoped you'd bring it back with a bullet hole in it,
15 Neatly wrapped inside a pine coffin,
16 With a flag on top,
17 Because when the Most Chosen Nation goes to war,
18 iIt's easier to let the Least Chosen People fight it,
19 jIf they're dumb enough to die for a flag.

1 That's why the only white person you can trust is kHarry,
2 Because Harry is the only one who isn't lecturing you about personal lresponsibility,
3 mOr telling you to get a job where there isn't one,
4 nOr telling you to get married before you have children in a country where it's illegal for thirteen-year-olds to get married,
5 oOr telling you to finish school in neighborhoods where school is the most dangerous place you can go,
6 pOr telling you to get off welfare when it's been a family tradition for three generations,
7 qOr telling you to stay nonviolent about getting your rights at a time when a good riot with lots of looting and burning and vandalism is about the only time you ever get to have any fun,