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20 Because if the government screws up,
21 That's the way governments are,
22 And if the government does something good,
23 It's a amiracle.
24 bSo for you, the Way of Harry is the way of demanding your rightful compensation from the government for all the things white people have done to you,
25 No matter what,
26 While all the white people don't think about it at all.

1 The great thing about the federal government is that it's so full of well-educated white people,
2 cWho don't think you can compete either,
3 dAnd don't ever want to admit it,
4 Because it's pretty important to them to think they believe in equality,
5 eAnd how nobody is really any better than anyone else,
6 Because if some people were better,
7 Then maybe people like them would have a lot more responsibility to do something important and worthwhile with all their advantages,
8 Except that they'd rather work for the government instead.
9 That's why it makes them feel better to pretend that you'll be just as equal as everybody else when you finally get your rights,
10 Whatever they are,
11 Even if the only way you'll ever get anywhere at all,
12 The way they see it,
13 fIs for them to give you what you want without making you compete for it,
14 Somehow,
15 gUnder the very noses of all the contemptible white people who don't like you.
16 This can be done, though,
17 Because absolutely no one in the Most Chosen Nation wants to talk out loud about the one thing that all white people hknow,
18 Which is that you can't compete,
19 And don't seem to want to.

1 In order to make the Way of Harry work for you,
2 iAll you have to do is make sure all your leaders always look to the government first when your rights are on the line.
3 You will always be able to recognize leaders like this because they will be the ones who don't think about anything at all,
4 jWhich means they will be exceptional at expressing their desires,
5 kCompletely consistent about being dead certain,
6 lAnd always ready to blame someone or something else for whatever it is that's wrong.

1 When you find a leader like this.
2 Follow him blindly,
3 mWherever he takes you,
4 nAnd never doubt him,
5 Whatever he does,
6 Because your leader is your leader,
7 And it's his job to not think about anything at all in your place,