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2 Which we haven't talked about much,
3 aBut that's because there isn't that much to say about sex that you don't already know.
4 If Harry were here, he would say,
5 bHave lots and lots of sex,
6 Because sex is great,
7 And a fine way of not thinking about anything at all.
8 Nothing bad can come to you from sex,
9 Because anything cbad that happens is not your fault,
10 dAnd not your responsibility,
11 eAnd besides, it's in the future anyway,
12 Which just isn't there at all if you don't think about anything at all,
13 Which sex helps you do.
14 It's completely perfect,
15 Like you already knew it was.

1 All in all, it's pretty wonderful that you've already made such tremendous progress in following the Way of Harry.
2 You don't need to be told how to dress,
3 fBecause you already know you're supposed to dress like the Kensingtonians,
4 Unless you'd rather dress like the Broad Streeters.
5 gYou don't need to be told about how dangerous it is to have language skills,
6 Because you don't have any,
7 hAnd with every passing day it's less and less likely that you could ever have language skills even if you wanted them.
8 You don't need to be told about Desire, Certainty, and Blame,
9 iBecause you've never had any other Trinity.
10 You don't need to be told about the state of the world, or its prospects for the future,
11 jBecause you were smart enough not to learn anything about those things in the first place.
12 You don't even need to be told what to buy,
13 And what not to buy,
14 Because you already know that you should buy everything you could possibly want,
15 And charge it to your parents,
16 Because the only time is now, today, this moment,
17 No matter what.

1 Yes, you are already living in kParadise.
2 This is as good as it ever gets,
3 lWhich doesn't mean you won't be upset and angry from time to time,
4 But at least you have the consolation of knowing that it's not your fault,
5 Whatever it is,
6 And aren't obligated to do thing one about it,
7 Except complain,
8 mAnd make everyone else as miserable as possible until you get your way.

1 Of course, there's always the chance that you won't like Paradise,
2 nAnd will develop an interest in suicide instead.
3 oThis is okay too,