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3 aAnd to you I say, "Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter,
4 At all,
5 Except that it isn't good."
6 But it is good if you can recognize the seven early warning signs of thinking,
7 And know what to do about them,
8 Because when you've gotten such a great start in life,
9 It would be a shame if it all got spoiled by accident.

1 The first early warning sign of thinking is curiosity,
2 Meaning you see something you don't know about that you suddenly wish you knew more about,
3 Because it looks interesting.
4 bCuriosity is very very dangerous,
5 And if it happens to you,
6 You should go do some drugs instead,
7 cLike maybe some kind of downer,
8 Because torpor is a great antidote for curiosity.

1 The second early warning sign of thinking is memory,
2 Which is when you suddenly think of something that happened in the past,
3 Meaning some other time than the present,
4 Like yesterday,
5 Or last week.
6 Even if this has never happened to you yet,
7 It could,
8 And you should know how to handle it.
9 Memory isn't necessarily fatal,
10 As long as it only happens every once in a while,
11 But if you should get in the habit of remembering things that happened yesterday or last week or last year,
12 It could mess you up,
13 dEspecially if you start to wonder what it all means,
14 And whether you should take it into account in deciding what to do next.
15 You shouldn't.
16 The thing is, memories don't mean anything.
17 eThe past is history,
18 And it isn't important,
19 Or worth worrying about.
20 If you start to have attacks of memory,
21 And you feel like you might start to wonder about it or take it into account for some reason,
22 Do some drugs instead,
23 fLike maybe something hallucinogenic,
24 Because hallucinations are safer than memories,
25 If you're trying to prevent an outbreak of thinking.

1 The third early warning sign of thinking is ambition,
2 Which you may have heard about,
3 Somewhere.
4 For those of you who haven't, ambition is a feeling of wanting to do something,
5 Or achieve something,
6 Or be something,
7 gSomething different or better than other people.
8 If you should feel a spell of ambition coming on,