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9 By something deeper than love,
10 And stronger than life itself?
11 Well,
12 That's okay.
13 Really.
14 It's just that you are Harriers,
15 And homelessness is the floor of your box.

1 And maybe you think you know better,
2 But it doesn't matter how well you do,
3 On the atests they choose to give,
4 bBecause you're already checking the list,
5 And doing what there is to do.
6 You'll graduate from where you are,
7 And go and get a degree,
8 cThen maybe you'll get another degree,
9 dTill your education is done,
10 And all that remains is sitting back,
11 And letting the world pay you,
12 For taking the time to go to class,
13 And all the rest of that stuff,
14 Because you'll need bread to pay for a spouse,
15 eAnd some cars and some ftoys and a house,
16 gNot to mention some kids of your own,
17 hBecause it's all on the list,
18 And the list is your life,
19 If you know what's good for you.

1 But when you've worked down to this spot on the list,
2 And the kids are no longer cute,
3 You will need all you know about the Harrier Way,
4 Just to keep from getting blamed,
5 For all the things no one else wants to do,
6 If they think they can hand it to you.
7 And when that day comes,
8 You won't have what it takes,
9 To fight back and show them your mettle,
10 Because it takes a lot more than vague self delusions to win against the Way of Harry.
11 You can try, of course,
12 But they'll take you out,
13 And sooner than later, if I'm any judge,
14 Because if you have any principles,
15 They'll find them,
16 And then chop them up,
17 And feed them to you,
18 Till you burp to the tune they play.
19 They'll do it for sure,
20 Because you are the smart ones,
21 And they know just enough to be afraid of you,
22 Not because you are better,
23 Or stronger,
24 Or more virtuous,
25 But because you can make them look bad,
26 Which is the very worst thing you can do,
27 To a Harrier.

1 And so, my children, I say this to you:
2 Follow the Way of Harry.
3 Make his Trinity your own,