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3 To express all your deepest emotions,
4 And have you ever read something aloud,
5 Just to savor the way that it sounds?
6 Have you hungered and hunted for words that give life,
7 To the subtlest distinctions you feel,
8 And felt your conscious space expand,
9 Because now there were more ways to feel?
10 Have you prowled through the jungles of syntax and grammar,
11 To see just how much one sentence can say?
12 Have you felt the power that language can give,
13 To the building and thinking of thoughts?
14 Have you ever once felt that you said it just right,
15 And conveyed your full thought to another?
16 Have you felt brand new worlds take shape in your mind, from no other source than the spinning and spinning of words?
17 Have you acquired a different taste of life,
18 By trying another world's tongue,
19 And felt a new timbre enter your voice,
20 Echoing Rome or the steppes or the Seine?
21 Have you seen how language, all by itself, can alter the nature of truth,
22 And twist and distort,
23 Or distill and reflect,
24 The innermost essence of things?
25 That's okay.
26 Really.
27 It's just that you are Harriers,
28 And your muteness is a wall of your box.

1 Speak to me of your love of Knowledge,
2 You who were raised to do well on the test,
3 Then go on to the next on the list.
4 Have you felt the world as a four dimensional puzzle,
5 Coming together as you add each new piece?
6 Have you wondered exactly which things one could know,
7 And arrive at understanding?
8 Have you ever been gripped by compulsion to know,
9 The truth of some buried event,
10 And then followed the trail of what's supposed to be known,
11 Through the twisting and turning of guesses and maybe's and might have been's,
12 Till you know what is known,
13 And still hunger for more,
14 Because no knowledge is ever enough to be finally final,
15 As long as there's more to be learned?
16 Have you ever discovered a miracle link,
17 Between something you know,
18 And something you don't,
19 A link that taught more about both?
20 That's okay.
21 Really.
22 It's just that you are Harriers,
23 And your ignorance is a wall of your box.