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1 It is not a long list,
2 And no one anywhere will agree with it,
3 But the word of an Ultra-Harrier is as good as anybody else's,
4 And so here it is:
5 Time,
6 Language,
7 Knowledge,
8 Imagination,
9 Belief,
10 And Home.

1 Ridiculous?
2 Of course.
3 Now show me how ridiculous.

1 Speak to me of your sense of Time,
2 You who were raised with a rapacious hunger for the new,
3 And a positive scorn for what is old or out of date.
4 Do your grandparents live with you?
5 Or in another city?
6 Or in a home somewhere?
7 And have you ever talked with them about things that happened in the past,
8 Provided you know anything about what happened in the past,
9 And have you ever learned their slang,
10 Or listened to their music,
11 Or danced their dances,
12 Or tried to see your world from their point of view?
13 Do you read old books for pleasure,
14 Books written before you were born,
15 And before your parents were born,
16 Before there were movies and records and telephones?
17 Do you ever talk with people who aren't about your own age,
18 And I mean really talk with them,
19 About events,
20 And ideas,
21 And your hopes and fears,
22 And the meaning of life,
23 And god and history and human accomplishment?
24 Do you feel a deep respect, or even awe, for a single old old person who has stayed alive through it all and acquired some wisdom along the way?
25 Do you ever just sit and wonder about the past,
26 And what it was really like,
27 Before there were cars and TVs and electricity and hospitals and jet airplanes and rock and roll?
28 Do you ever ponder visions of the future,
29 And what it could be,
30 And what you could do to change the world,
31 If you dreamed and worked for it hard enough?
32 That's okay.
33 Really.
34 It's just that you are Harriers,
35 And Today is one wall of your box.

1 Speak to me of your love of Language,
2 You who were raised to use four-letter words,