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7 Because you have been seen to,
8 Starting from birth,
9 By your parents,
10 And the schools,
11 And the churches,
12 And the government,
13 And even by the artists and intellectuals,
14 Who have been Harriers for a long time now,
15 And don't see why you should be any different.

1 They have already had their way with you,
2 Whether you recognize it or not,
3 And how could you,
4 Being the children of Harriers?
5 They pat you on the head and tell you how precocious you are,
6 aBecause you're incredibly sophisticated about sex,
7 bAnd because you started listening to rock and roll when you were a toddler,
8 cAnd because you absorb tons and tons of information from all the television you watch,
9 dAnd because you have grown up knowing the dark secret of nuclear weapons technology,
10 eAnd because you were exposed to the temptation of drugs when you could still report your age with a single digit,
11 fAnd because, if anybody asks, you can spout all the right-sounding words about equality and ecology and the rights of minorities and the underpriveleged,
12 And so you must really be pretty up on everything,
13 Everything important, that is,
14 Like all good Harriers everywhere.
15 But they have had their way with you,
16 And they have locked you into a box,
17 And thrown away the key.

1 Can you recognize the box?
2 Not if you are a Harrier,
3 Raised by Harriers,
4 In the land of the Harriers.
5 How can anyone anywhere recognize the absence of what has been withheld since birth?
6 The walls of your box are made from the gifts no one ever gave you,
7 And the glories of the universe that no one ever showed you.
8 What is more,
9 Without such gifts and glories,
10 You are marooned,
11 Forever,
12 In a universe of Harriers.

1 What has been withheld?
2 Many things.
3 If I could, I would weep for the things that have been withheld from you,
4 But like all Harriers everywhere, all I can muster is a list,
5 And you will not comprehend my list,
6 Because you already know better,
7 Which is your legacy,
8 As Harriers.