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1 In Paradise,
2 In the shining jewel of Harry's crown where you presently reside,
3 aNothing that happens can ever be anyone's fault,
4 Even if the bridges are crumbling to rust,
5 And the ghettos are grimmer, darker, and more dangerous all the time,
6 And the river is dying,
7 And the chemical sunsets are getting more and more hallucinogenic,
8 And the school system is so rotten that even its core is a slimy decomposing blob of putrefaction,
9 And the corporations are run by cold blooded bean counters who despise everyone and everything but money,
10 And the politicians are stupid thieving liars who wouldn't recognize a vision if they were blinded by one,
11 And the rich are getting richer and meaner all the time,
12 And the poor are getting poorer and meaner all the time,
13 And the ones in between are just getting meaner and meaner and meaner,
14 All the time,
15 bAnd absolutely everybody everywhere is living strictly for today,
16 This minute,
17 And the Future consists of tonight, tomorrow, and a few odd points in the months to come,
18 Because any other Vision of the Future might require some thought,
19 Which nobody will want to risk,
20 Until you come of age, of course,
21 And inherit everything,
22 And take charge of Paradise,
23 And get to do things the way you want to.

1 What do you expect to do then, my children?
2 Change everything?
3 Fix everything?
4 Dust off some ideals you heard about once and start cleaning house?
5 Fat chance.
6 You will do nothing of the sort,
7 Because that would require something called character,
8 And Harriers do not have character,
9 Which is important to note,
10 Because you were raised by Harriers,
11 And you will grow to be Harriers yourselves,
12 Living in the land of the Harriers,
13 Where anyone who refuses to be a Harrier will become a target,
14 For everyone else's blame.

1 In truth, you are finished before you start,
2 Which I must tell you sincerely,
3 But sadly,
4 Because I didn't want to be a Harrier either,
5 Except that I had no choice.
6 And truly, you have no choice,