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12 And there was nothing I could have done,
13 Because I was always a Harrier,
14 Deep down,
15 Just like everyone else,
16 And the only thing Harry ever did to me was force me to stop kidding myself,
17 And accept what I could not change.

1 I was raised a Harrier,
2 Just as you were born to be Harriers,
3 And if you have not accepted that yet,
4 aThen you are kidding yourselves too,
5 And that kind of kidding could ruin the only chance you have for a comfortable life,
6 Which might sound like a pretty unchallenging sort of life to want,
7 But it's all you're suited for,
8 Because all of you are Harriers already.

1 How can I say such a thing?
2 Don't your teachers rave about your book reports?
3 Haven't you aced every math course they've ever thrown at you?
4 Aren't you in the ninetieth percentile in practically everything?
5 Aren't you destined to attend the very best colleges and universities in the nation?
6 Aren't you bound for successful careers in all kinds of illustrious fields?
7 Well...maybe.
8 Maybe all these things are true,
9 To a point.
10 But who are you,
11 Really,
12 And what do you think,
13 Really,
14 About the world you are going to inherit?

1 It's a funny thing, I suppose,
2 But Harry never really laid out a Vision of his kingdom on earth,
3 And what it would be like when everyone had finally accepted his Way,
4 Which is maybe why it's so hard for you to take Harry seriously,
5 Because if you have not experienced a Vision of Harry's kingdom for yourself,
6 Then you have not really thought about it,
7 At all.
8 And so I have decided to share my own Vision of the Future,
9 With you.

1 Behold bParadise,
2 Which is your inheritance,
3 From cHarry.

1 In Paradise,
2 There will be vast territories and treasures and pleasures galore,
3 dRipe for the plucking by good Harriers everywhere.