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20 aAnd rights always belong to those who demand them with the most certainty.

1 There are many great freedoms provided by the Way of Harry,
2 But few grant as much freedom as these four little words:
3 bThere are no contradictions.
4 Yes, this a guideline that opens many doors to the Mawrites,
5 And leads the way to great truths,
6 Which can be shouted in their faces again and again,
7 Until they believe them,
8 cBecause they cannot refute them,
9 Since there are no contradictions.
10 Listen to the sacred truths of the Mawrites,
11 Which shall be your bread and butter,
12 dAnd the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,
13 As long as you don't think about them too much.

1 It is a sacred etruth that the Mawrites can do anything they can do,
2 And probably better,
3 fExcept maybe play baseball and football and other trivial games like that,
4 gAnd with the possible additional exception of menial, muscle-intensive chores like digging ditches,
5 hCarrying heavy objects from one place to another,
6 iAnd serving in the infantry,
7 Unless it turns out that some of the Mawrites desire to serve in the infantry,
8 At least until there's a real shooting war anyway,
9 When the possibility of jrape and other fates worse than death might argue for some legal protection,
10 kExcept for those who want to serve anyway,
11 lWhether it upsets them or not.
12 Anyway,
13 With these few exceptions,
14 The Mawrites can do anything they can do,
15 Probably better,
16 And just because they are responsible for about 98 percent of all the art and literature and science and philosophy and religion and architecture ever produced,
17 That doesn't mean anything at all,
18 mBecause they've been completely in charge of everything everywhere almost from the beginning, with the exception of a few matriarchal stone age tribes in the jungle,
19 Which also doesn't mean anything,
20 Because they've always oppressed the Mawrites,
21 Which doesn't have anything to do with who would do a better job of running things,
22 Because everyone knows that the ones who are physically stronger always wind up running things in the end,
23 Regardless of whether they deserve to or not,
24 nBecause just look at what they have done to all the poor defenseless animals on this planet that only wanted to live in peace,