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4 And getting all fired up about it,
5 And losing sleep over it,
6 And getting ulcers over it,
7 And looking for some way around it,
8 Or over it,
9 Or under it,
10 Until we die.
11 Of course, this is always an approach that is open to us,
12 Obviously,
13 But there is another way,
14 A way that will make our lives a lot easier and a lot more satisfying,
15 Even if it happens to be the Way of Harry.

1 aFor the way of Harry is the way of not thinking about anything at all,
2 And not really caring,
3 And not really working too hard,
4 And not making any demands on ourselves,
5 And not really doing anything except what we want to do,
6 No matter who gets hurt.
7 Sound interesting?
8 bI thought so too.

1 Of course, I'm well aware that this is a much simpler way for them than for us,
2 cBecause not thinking about anything at all has always come pretty easily to them,
3 And they've always been good at it,
4 And they've got a big head start on us already,
5 dBecause it's been a couple of years since Harry left so suddenly for Rio,
6 But that's why I'm here,
7 And I can assure you that the Way of Harry will work for you too,
8 As long as you follow a few gender-specific guidelines,
9 Without thinking about them too much.

1 eFor example, let's be clear about what I mean by not thinking about anything at all,
2 Because I know that a lot of you are like me,
3 And I just love to think about things,
4 And stew about things,
5 And develop incredibly odd and rigid notions about things,
6 Until I'm so mad I can hardly see straight,
7 And can't decide whether to throw a screaming fit,
8 fOr be coldly aloof and vindictive,
9 Or fire off a whole list of unreasonable demands to anyone within earshot.
10 How about you?
11 I thought so.
12 gWell, you'll be happy to hear that this kind of thinking is perfectly okay,
13 And well within the Way of Harry,
14 As long as the things you think about are sufficiently petty,
15 And selfish,
16 And superficial.
17 Think you can manage that?
18 hI thought you could.