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2 And a lot of you may think you need his guidance like a fish needs a bicycle,
3 aBut I'd also like to remind you that a fish who lives in Peking can get around a lot better if she has a bicycle,
4 And it so happens that in spite of everything,
5 bHarry had a bicycle that just might make all of our lives a lot easier, even if it's really more of a tricycle than a bicycle,
6 Because we all have to live in the Most Chosen Nation on Earth,
7 And Harry knew the best way of doing that,
8 Even if he was one of them.

1 I know that a lot of you are pursing your lips about now,
2 And standing there with your head tilted and one hand on your hip,
3 And tapping your foot more than a little ominously,
4 Which I understand perfectly,
5 And would probably do the same thing if I were you,
6 But can we talk,
7 Just for a little bit,
8 Without being too much of a bitch about the whole thing?
9 Okay then.

1 In spite of everything, Harry had the Most Chosen Nation pretty well figured out,
2 Not to mention the state of the world,
3 Which isn't good,
4 Because they've been in charge practically forever,
5 And now cthey finally have all the weapons they've always wanted,
6 And one of these days,
7 Not too long from now,
8 One of them is going to start something with one of the others,
9 dAnd they'll all be too macho to back down,
10 Which means we'll get it in the neck for the last time,
11 For good.

1 I know it's hard to accept.
2 Particularly from one of them,
3 eBut Harry was also right about how there isn't much we can do to stop it,
4 fBecause if they won't even give us equal pay for equal work,
5 gWhy on earth would they let us stop them from nuking the entire planet?
6 hWhich is something they've always secretly wanted,
7 iEver since they made God into a vengeful male tyrant,
8 jAnd started telling all those lies about how we invented sin and evil and everything else they've always been too selfish and stupid to accept responsibility for.
9 In short, they've screwed us again,
10 Pretty royally,
11 If you know what I mean.

1 Now, the important thing about all this is that we still have options.
2 Yes, we can let it ruin our lives if we want to,
3 kBy thinking a lot about the approaching doom of Personkind,