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4 The fewer athings they can afford to buy,
5 Which is still another excellent argument for world disarmament,
6 And another great reason to hate you,
7 Without thinking about it at all.

1 Now, there is a bright side to all of this,
2 Because if you should adopt the Way of Harry for yourselves,
3 You can make it harder for them to blame you for everything all the time.
4 Really.
5 For example, if you stop thinking about anything at all,
6 Duty, honor, and patriotism included,
7 And if you stop really caring,
8 And stop really working too hard at anything,
9 Your life will change dramatically for the better.
10 bJust imagine what it would be like if every military operation undertaken by the Most Chosen Nation should end in humiliating failure,
11 cAnd if you started to complain in public every time somebody cut his finger in a training exercise,
12 dAnd if your mother went on TV to have a good cry in front of two hundred million Harriers every time you had to go overseas for any reason at all.
13 What would happen then?
14 Wouldn't your generals start to get blamed for making too many demands on the troops,
15 And wouldn't people start to regard you as victims,
16 eAnd start comparing your plight to that of the Others,
17 And wouldn't the generals start getting the message,
18 And keeping you at home,
19 Safe and sound in your barracks?
20 No matter what?
21 Of course they would,
22 Because generals hate thinking as much as anybody else,
23 fAnd sooner or later, they'd realize that the safest and easiest course of all is to do nothing,
24 Ever,
25 Without thinking about it at all.

1 But some of you are hard cases,
2 And you won't lift a finger to make your lives easier,
3 gBecause you are soldiers,
4 And you don't care about hardship,
5 At all.
6 But there are always hard cases,
7 hAnd there are always volunteers for the most hazardous assignments,
8 iAnd there are always fools who can't seem to learn that the best life is a long life,
9 jSurrounded by plenty of things,
10 kPurchased with the absolute minimum of work and sacrifice,
11 And for you, there is no help in the Way of Harry,
12 lBecause you will be blamed no matter what you do.
13 If you fight and lose, you will get blamed for losing.
14 mIf you fight and win, you will get blamed for committing genocide against the helpless Others.