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7 Wherever you go.
8 Don't you?
9 Well, maybe he does laugh,
10 A little,
11 But no more than anybody else,
12 Because serving in the military of the Most Chosen Nation on Earth has become kind of a ajoke,
13 Which you must have suspected before this,
14 bUnless you're the kind that really believes all that garbage about duty and honor and patriotism,
15 And following orders,
16 Without thinking about it at all.

1 And you see, that's the problem.
2 Harry knows all about this splendid capability that some of you have to do things blindly,
3 Without thinking about it at all,
4 Which suggests that you have the makings of great Harriers,
5 cIf it weren't for all that nonsense about duty and honor and patriotism,
6 Which are pretty much dobsolete,
7 Even if nobody's briefed you on that yet.

1 A few miles from here, there's a graveyard where they buried some soldiers who spent the winter with George Washington,
2 Only they didn't make it through the winter,
3 eBecause duty, honor, and patriotism aren't nearly as useful in the wintertime as food, shoes, and shelter,
4 Which fGeorge Washington must have known,
5 Because not far from the graveyard you can see the house he spent that winter in,
6 And some nice copies of the big boots he wore,
7 Not to mention a pretty decent replica of the kitchen that made all his food,
8 Because generals get food,
9 Even if the volunteers don't.
10 And as a sidenote, I expect most of you have heard of gGeorge Washington,
11 hBut who can name even one of the faceless zeroes buried in the graveyard?

1 iAnd so I ask you, what did all that duty, honor, and patriotism buy the dead ones?
2 They didn't get to make a lot of money in a brand-new country after the war.
3 They didn't get their name in the history books.
4 They didn't get anything except what fools always get,
5 Namely, the short end of the jstick,
6 Which is the only birthright of soldiers everywhere.

1 That's why I bring you a new trinity,
2 A trinity to replace the one that's never done you any good,
3 And never will,
4 Especially since Harry came along,
5 And showed everybody the way to be,
6 kWhich has nothing at all to do with dying in some distant hostile land,