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3 "That's different,
4 "Because then it's aevery man for himself, and bnever give a sucker an even break, and cGod helps those who help themselves,"
5 dYou can also say, "I am a deeply religious person, and I attend services every week,
6 "And so whatever I do the rest of the week must be okay,
7 "No matter who gets hurt,
8 "Because I really don't want to think about it,
9 "At all,
10 e"And who are you to pass judgment on me, anyway?"
11 Are you starting to get it?
12 Good.

1 Indeed, there is no limit to the ways you can follow Harry,
2 fBecause if you want, you can join the Pontifical Harrier Parish,
3 gAnd wash your hands of everything,
4 hAnd have all the Consolation you want,
5 iAnd enjoy a lot of meaningless rituals,
6 jAnd have your kids properly Adultified so they'll know about pursuing their desires no matter who gets hurt,
7 While you quit worrying about God and guilt and sin and evil altogether,
8 Which is probably the most comfortable way to be a Harrier,
9 But not the only one.
10 kBecause if you want, you can belong to the Greater Harrier Parish,
11 Which means that you can keep right on being as Judeo-Christian as you want,
12 lAnd talk as much as you want about virtue and righteousness, not to mention the motes in other people's eyes,
13 And have all the mCommunion or gefilte fish you want,
14 nAnd enjoy a lot of meaningless rituals,
15 And have your kids bar mitzvahed, or taught by onuns, so they'll learn what they need to about an eye for an eye,
16 While you rant and rave about what Harriers your pneighbors are,
17 Which is a perfectly acceptable and inconspicuous way to follow Harry,
18 But not the only other alternative.
19 For example, if you want, you can just stop thinking about anything at all,
20 And quit going to church,
21 And forget that there's any such thing as Harriers,
22 And just go on about your business,
23 And let the world and everyone in it take care of themselves,
24 Because no matter who or what made the world,
25 You certainly didn't,
26 qBecause if you did, you certainly wouldn't be living in some faceless row house in the Northeast,
27 rWhile all the rich people get away with murder,
28 sNot to mention the niggers and Spics,
29 tAnd that's without even mentioning the totalitarian communist conspiracy,
30 Which is why you're so mad all the time that you can't see straight,
31 And why your only politics is usticking it to the communists where it hurts,