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4 And aGod playing the bheavy, with his great big list of mortal sins and inexpiable guilts and everlasting damnations,
5 Which is why you have always wanted the cVirgin as a mediator,
6 Because without her to bend her son's ear on your behalf,
7 You know darned well that Christ doesn't have what it takes to stand up to his dad,
8 Who is still,
9 And has always been,
10 dYahweh,
11 The most capriciously wrathful and randomly destructive god in the whole history of life on earth.

1 I hasten to say that it requires no disrespect of Christ to take this view of things,
2 eBecause it is only natural for a son to defer to his father,
3 fEspecially if your father has already proven that he considers you expendable,
4 gAnd there is no need for any Harrier anywhere to think ill of Christ,
5 At all,
6 hBecause we can't be completely sure that they wrote down everything he said,
7 iOr if you prefer to believe that you do know what he said,
8 You still can't be sure that he always said the lines the way the Priests read them in church,
9 And never threw in any ironic facial expressions,
10 Or any equivocal body language,
11 Or any figurative language,
12 That might have thrown a different light on things.
13 When he said, for example, Give us this day our daily bread,
14 jWho are we to say that Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of the Universe, was totally unaware of the slang connotation of the word "bread"?
15 When he said, In my father's house are many mansions,
16 kWho are we to say he wasn't hinting that what's okay for dad might be okay for us too,
17 Except that maybe the scribe who was writing it all down was too busy scribbling to catch the wink that went with the remark?

1 What I'm leading up to with all this is that it's perfectly acceptable for any Harrier to believe that Christ was exactly who he lsaid he was,
2 And that he was an incredibly nice and well-meaning son of god,
3 mAnd that Christ's dad really was Yahweh,
4 The sole creator and premeditated ndestroyer of the universe,
5 Without having to give up the oWay of Harry,
6 At all.
7 And by the same token, it's also perfectly acceptable for the Judeo-minded to believe in Yahweh all they want,
8 And to follow Harry too,
9 All the way to pheaven,
10 Or even Palm Springs.

1 You see, there's nothing you can't push and squeeze and trim to fit,