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12 Including bulls, which is how the Spics happened to make their one unique contribution to the world of sports,
13 Which is called the bullfight,
14 And since it is so interesting to so many people,
15 aFor some reason,
16 bAnd has even had books written about it,
17 Deserves a whole chapter all to itself.

1 The bullfight is not a sport exactly,
2 Because it is not a fight exactly,
3 cBut an execution, which has always been a favorite pastime of Spics.
4 The way it works is, the bull thinks he has a chance to get the bullfighter, called the dMatador, which he does,
5 But since getting the Matador won't save him anyway, the bull is regarded as a etragic figure,
6 A lot like a Spanish nobleman,
7 Who is also very brave, very violent, very stupid and very likely to die without learning anything new.
8 fAnd so the tragic bull tries to get the Matador and gets stuck with a bunch of pointed sticks instead,
9 gAnd is made to look very foolish with a lot of veronicas and such,
10 hBefore he gets transfixed by a sword at the end of the fight and idies bleeding in the hot sand.
11 jThis beautiful event captures all the mystique of Spain and has helped the world immeasurably in appreciating the Spics for the brave, violent, stupid animals they are.
1 Unfortunately, the Spics' aversion to reading and writing made it harder for them to make history,
2 kSince when something happens and nobody writes it down, it's a lot like it never happened at all,
3 lWhich is one way to sum up Spic culture.
4 For example, the Spics had one historical figure,
5 Known as mEl Cid,
6 Who did something or other,
7 But no one really knows what it was.
8 The Spics also produced one work of literature, called 'Don Quixote,' which was written by a prisoner,
9 nWho fortunately was low enough on the Spic social scale that he could get away with being able to write.
10 'Don Quixote' is the story of an old tall Spic who tilted windmills for a living,
11 With a short squire named oSancho Panza who pushed on the lower part of the windmill,
12 While pDon Quixote pushed on the upper part of the windmill, from the other side.
13 This method of windmill tilting is the only known accomplishment of Spic technology,
14 Except, of course, for the many religious artifacts they developed during the qSpanish Inquisition.