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6 aNamely, that there are no contradictions.

1 bLet me repeat this:
2 There are no contradictions.
3 The way of not thinking about anything at all can be as easy and fruitful for you as for anyone,
4 cBecause there is nothing important or new for you to think about,
5 dThanks to the fine work of the generations of great thinkers and artists who preceded you.
6 For example, it is not likely that you will be able to come up with a thought that changes the nature of the universe.
7 Which is a random, impersonal nature,
8 Or that you will come up with a thought that changes the destiny of Personkind,
9 Which is doom,
10 Either through nuclear holocaust or pollution.
11 And truly, you already know these things,
12 eFor you have taken more than enough history courses, and just enough science courses, to learn that science is the only thing that ever changes,
13 Because history repeats itself endlessly,
14 And the Others always get it in the neck from the greedy Oppressors of this world,
15 fAnd man is still the only animal that kills for sport,
16 And every weapon he invents is always used,
17 And the weapons keep getting more powerful and deadly,
18 And sooner or later they will destroy us allg.

1 Now, I ask you, what does this mean if you are a writer,
2 Or an artist,
3 Or an intellectual?
4 Surely it means that you will have a hard time indeed thinking of anything brilliant enough to change the prognosis,
5 Which suggests that it would be easy to waste a lot of time,
6 And endure a lot of needless grief and travail,
7 For nothing.
8 hFortunately, however, the Way of Harry can help you a lot,
9 And just possibly bring you fame and fortune and critical success,
10 If any of these things means anything to you,
11 As a member of a doomed species,
12 iAdrift in an insignificant sector of a completely random universe.

1 If you wish to be a writer,
2 The Way of Harry should be your way,
3 Because the Way of Harry does not close off any options,
4 But just makes your job jsimpler,
5 And easier to do.
6 For example, you can be a writer and follow the Way of Harry along several quite different paths:
7 kThere is a path called art for art's sake that can bring you lavish praise,